D.O.W.I.- warm

Today’s D.O.W.I. is the word warm.  Picked by mine truly, he walked outside and then came back in,  he said “see momma, I can come up with a word outside, I felt warm, so that’s my word.”  By all accounts in the English dictionary, the word “warm” means as follows:

1.of or at a fairly or comfortably high temperature.
2.having, showing, or expressive of enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.
3.informal(especially in children’s games) close to discovering something or guessing the correct answer.
1.make or become warm
                However, the word warm, can mean soo very much more than that.. It is a feeling  of safety, the heartbeat of love, warm is the touch of the sun drenching you as you bask in the breeze, as you swing, or sit, listening to the waves crashing around you.  Warm is a cold, cozy place with layers of cushion surrounding you, reading and learning, or
escaping into the world of the unknown.  Warm is the place where time stands still, when your eyes meet, and the spark is  electrifying and rare, and oh so real.  Obvious to onlookers around.  Warm is the innocence, the wonder filled eyes, those that sparkle, of a newborn child. Warm is the nuzzle of a cold, wet nose, of a Max or Mr. O’malley, or a Mojo, who knows.  Warm is a hug, a longing desire, standing in the shadows, burning in the fire.  Warm is content , that you’re doing it right, even though there are questions, every night. Warm is the hug of a child’s laughter, wrapping you up tight, into a happily ever after.  Warm can be anything, anything you can see, warm is defined differently for you and for me.  So make it what you will, one moment at a time,
“Tell me, the word warm, how will you define?”
-Basking in the warmth-

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