Unexpectedly … the expected happens.


We live in a world full of  uncanny things, beyond our recognition sometimes.  Things happen and we don’t know why.  It’s hard to understand the life we sometimes live. People come and people go, here and there, to and fro, and every once in a while someone will stay, stay in your life, close to your heart.  Maybe close by, or separated by distance, you may talk every week or just now and then, but you know the love and friendship, the bond you share picks right up where you left off.  I am one very lucky girl, because I have a lot of those people in my life, people who are close to my heart, and in their own way, make my life complete.

You can never prepare for the loss of ANYONE… be it a family member, a friend, a loved one of any kind.  Even if it is expected, the news comes unexpectedly.  Right in the middle of LIFE… Ball games, frustration, fun times and stress, work, and school, just trying to hang on one thread at a time.  Life is unfair, and as you try and sift through all the emotions heartache brings, you realize that the joy lies in remembering the good times, and the funny ones, the fun times and the positivity that always shined through.

A friend of mine passed away today. She lived up north and I down south, we didn’t talk every day, and with what she was going through, really not to much at all here lately, but when we did, we picked up right where we left off. We have been friends for a long time now, we worked together many years ago.  She understood me, and I her. She had this vivacious love for life, she was a hopeless romantic, and a kindred spirit.  She loved a happy ending and had a heart and soul bigger than this world.  She loved people, and had this way of making others smile. Her road was tough, most of her life in fact, but she was loved by many.  She has been fighting a fight for many years now, and lost her fight tonight. She was consumed with sweet words for others, and love for all those she met, and as much as they said “any time now”, it seems to be the hardest thing yet.

I don’t know if she knew how I felt, she was like a soul sister, an angel who brightened my day. And I can only hope that she knew that all of those who she touched with her words, her kindness and her soul, they held her in their hearts until she finally let go.  Tell those who mean something to you, that you love them, make sure you take the time to stop , even when life happens, and let them know how much you care!

Through the tears, and the hurt and pain, I see your smile, and know you are happy once again.  Soar high with angels my sweet friend, I love you now, and will until we meet again.

-Oh to see you fly among angels-

-with tears streaming down my face-



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