Wanderlust Soul.

She filled the room full of charm,

as she sat alone through the storm,

the storm of her life,

as she carved away with a knife.

and through the struggles and fear,

whether, far or near,

Although her sweet sweet sound,

she would spread all around.

Like butterflies and gold,

with, her wanderlust soul,

she would smile as she’d say,

I love you, Always.

And through the pain and the tears,

the memories and the fears,

she would hold her head high,

and smile her sweet sweet smile.

Loved and Adored ,

she kept, moving forward,

lending all her trust,

knew it, she must.

how the tears would flow,

how this heartache would go,

Enjoying the life she finally could live in,

While making her way up to Heaven.

-Missing you my dear friend-


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