My Place of Peace. . .

I live in a place where most tend to vacation.  White Sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, the glistening of crashing waves and the sounds of serenity..  But in that very place my world is surrounded by the every day of hustle and bustle, ins and outs of the unseen, the everyday non glamorous normal life and then it’s time to escape. Escape to a place where time comes to a slow, crawling even to a stop at times.  A place where there is that same hustle and bustle but for me the unfamiliar faces and curteous gestures that paint a place of the unknown.  Even if just for a long weekend, or a day or two the peace is worth the sleepless drive, and exhausting trip for those 24-48 hrs of retreat! With calm and steady, no schedule and lots of love ! Naps during the day and beautiful scenery that displays mountains and mole hills alike in adventure and fun, and tranquility in one.  Lending me it’s beauty while restoring my soul for just a bit longer. 

-In my Happy Place-


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