5 minutes makes a difference…

6:23 a.m. Rushing in every way I can, I turn the corner and run into the dog trying not to trip over my own two feet.  I make sure the laundry is done and hung, dishes washed and drying on their rack. Oh don’t forget to pack lunch, a honey turkey sandwich on whole grain bread, strawberries, a tangerine, 3 soft batch chocolate chip cookies, a small package of white cheddar pop corn, and a blue gatorade to wash it all down.  This would be an acceptable lunch for my morning / afternoon commute of daily door to door salesman armed with a stethoscope, the BLUE DEVIL foam pad for balance, and an array of physical terrorist moves sure to keep any patient at arms length… faking yet another of their best colds, however… this belongs to my beloved son.  I’m, lucky… if I get a cup of coffee or hot tea in, headed out the door, and trying not to end up with caffeine for my daily look as I spill it  down my grey mundane mom leggings and best work out shirt while running for the car.   6:52 a.m.  “Have your backpack?” I yell, “what about your book, oh wait, here don’t forget your lunch!”  Where are those dang keys?? !  “oh Mom, I have them!” and off  we go.

Five minutes makes or breaks you at this time of the morning.  Rushing around the curves, but oh so careful as we don’t want to roll over while we long contemplate whether or not to take the “short cut” and put her in (SPORT MODE)…. That is the question of the day!  Pushing her around the bin and over the speed bumps, one bump at a time x’s like 50… and we arrive just in time to see the slew of traffic coming with just enough space to slide her in between the dump truck and the person driving 40 when clearly the speed limit is 55.  Hit the gas and away we go!   “Oh shoot, it’s 7:03 a.m.  I think we missed it.”  The radio hasn’t been touched yet this morning as we made our way down the raceway.  I turn to the station and quickly realize we are in luck, the show is running just a tad behind, and we place our hands over our hearts as the pledge of allegiance plays over the speakers, followed by a slightly chilling rendition of the National Anthem.   Slowing now to a crawl, we approach the school zone.   However this is not where we are going, just passing through.  And then we’re off again.  I look out over the water… To the left, salt water, with an anchored boat and some pelicans flying near by or perching on the power lines.  To my Right, the lake, water smooth as glass, with a reflection that makes me kick myself for not having my camera handy.  “oh well… I’ll take some pictures later on”.

Finally we approach the school.  Making it after all, 7:15 a.m. Thank goodness, he’ll at least have 10 mins to walk with his friends before the bell.   Slowing to a stop,  I have learned to be careful to watch for all those people who don’t pay half the attention they should when crossing a busy road with precious cargo in tow, but hey, what can ya do.  “Put your book down baby, we are here” I say as we near the drop off line.  The place where children look like rockstars and their parents anywhere from suites and ties to just rolled off the bathroom floor after a night of heavy drinking.  Speckled with “helpers” to assist the children out of their seats and on their way to their daily dose of learning about “nothing ” as my son informs me on a regular.  Standing  there with coffee in one hand and waving us to the front of the line with the other, like a traffic control person without lights.  “Uh, hello, we do this every day.  !”   Anywho, ” I love you! Have a wonderful day !” I advise as he gathers his things and heads out the door,” Do good on your spelling test! , I know you will!”.  “Love you too Mom, have a good day”.  He closes the door and then pushes off towards the walking track to be left to the charge of some questionable, however mostly respected and trusted parties for the rest of the day, until I arrive after a long day at work to pick him up.

-Rushing always-


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