Well.. it’s been a while

Good morning readers! It has been a great while since I have spewed my thoughts unto this space for all to enjoy.. 3 Months to be exact.. A LOT has changed since I was last present..  and that’s an understatement! After 8 years of lying dormant and never expecting to have another, we are now expecting! Our Son will be 9 just prior to our delivery. Not only are we expecting, but we are expecting TWINS!! I know.. crazy unexpected! !  wait.. let’s rewind.. back to the pee stick… there are 2 lines, faint? Is this a mistake? Is this so??  Let’s try it again! The word says what?? PREGNANT! ?!?  Ok… this will be alright.. oh lawdy. How’s this gonna work?? But in the end everyone was Happy 🙂  Fast forward to our first prenatal visit.. 6 weeks preg.  Is there a viable baby in there? I reliable heartbeat? WHAT?!?! 2222 reliable heartbeats?! “This must be some sort of mistake.. Are you sure?, can you check again please?” ” we only ordered 1″.. As the ultrasound tech looked at me in all certainty and assured me we were having twins.. And Identical twins at that!! Oh wow.. we have to process this. I had to call my husband who had left to go out of town the day before.  “Wait.. 2? Twins? ” He asked. “How great!” He said!  Well then… here we go on our journey of a lifetime.. 

Next order of business… going to see the specialist. We have a high risk form of twins and we need to be watched closely the twins and I. Fast forward to present day. 16 weeks later we are having Identical Twin Girls and so far.. everything is on track! 🙂 Here’s to the future and our ever so changing lives.

Growing not 1 but 2.. 

 Happy Days Ahead